For your convenience, the most common client questions are answered right here.

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Q: What kind of services do you offer?

A: I offer a variety of legal, business strategy and coaching services that can include the following:

Outside In-House for ongoing help with the day-to-day business matters
Entity formation and planning
Drafting and reviewing contracts, licenses, leases and other documents
Creating and revising policies and procedures
Negotiations with customers, partners, vendors, contractors and employees
Counsel on matters related to starting, running, changing, growing your business
Coaching entrepreneurs, independent contractors and business owners
Drafting and reviewing separation agreements and employment terminations
Developing individual development plans for employees
Creating growth strategies that maximize profits and minimize risks
Leadership development, team-building and cultivating a positive corporate culture
Time and stress management
Strategic planning
Decision-making skills
Communications strategies
Crisis management
Writing and reviewing corporate communications, marketing, and advertising
Career development and action-planning
And more…

Q: What size companies do you work with and in what industries?

A: I work with companies ranging from solopreneurs to Fortune 500s. I am happy to serve any industry that has a need for my services. I have substantial experience with many industries including technology, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, nonprofits, packaged goods, sports, retail, professional services, travel and tourism,  publishing, Human Resources, music, advertising and media, insurance, manufacturing and more.

Q: What does Outside In-House Counsel mean?

A: Some individuals, entrepreneurs or companies have ongoing needs for legal counsel, business strategy and/or coaching services. Those needs may be continual, but vary from time to time. For example, at one point there are a lot of contracts that need to be drafted and negotiated, at other times employee matters must be addressed, and still other times there may be a need for executive coaching and leadership development. Rather than set up a specific project for a specific fee for each of those instances, I make myself available to my client for all of these needs on an ongoing basis for a regular retainer fee that can be applied to whatever arises during that time. I can also manage the work of other attorneys and consultants for matters I don’t handle, such as litigation or tax planning. Retainer fees can be paid monthly, quarterly or on whatever timed basis makes sense. It’s like having a high-level employee without having to provide a desk, equipment, vacation pay, benefits and time off. It’s also more cost-effective and predictable than engaging a law or management consulting firm to handle the regular business issues that come up in day-to-day business.

Q: Do you work with individuals who are not part of a company?

A:  Of course! I love to work with individuals, whether they are looking for someone to review and negotiate an agreement, career planning or personal development. I can help individuals navigate the sometimes intimidating world of documentation that accompanies starting a new job, leaving a job or deciding what next steps to take in their career.

Q: What if I want you to come to my premises?

A: While my services generally are all manageable by working virtually, sometimes, such as for a group training or team-building “jam session” or other activity, it may be beneficial for me to lead the activity in person. In that instance, we will agree to a schedule and price in advance that includes all of my services as well as travel or transportation costs. I do not markup any expenses so you will only pay for the actual cost.

Q: How do you charge a predictable fee?

A: I’ve got a lot of experience working with individuals and companies in the services I provide. I know most of the time what it will take for me to do what needs to be done in the matters provided. I also know that sometimes people don’t seek out the counsel and advice they need because they are afraid that they’ll get a giant bill after the fact. As a result, I’m willing to provide services for a reasonable price that we both feel comfortable with. I ask for payment in advance to minimize my risk of not getting paid for the work I do and to provide you with confidence that once we agree to the scope of the work, you will not get any surprise bills when you think you’ve already paid.

Q: How does an engagement work?

A: Once we agree that working together makes sense (a free consultation can establish this quickly and easily), I will send you an engagement letter with the amount we agree to as payment. You will sign and return the engagement letter to me with a check in the amount agreed (or I also can offer Chase Quickpay and transfers directly to my bank account) and I will begin to work with on the engagement. If we are working on a retainer basis over time, there will be an initial payment and then I will provide invoices based on the frequency and duration of payments we agree to.

Q: How do I know if you can help me?

A: Give me a call for a free consultation and let’s find out!