The point of fixed projects and retainer services to keep things simple. That’s reflected by my pricing. Legal, business strategy and coaching needs come in many shapes and sizes. I have many years of experience helping individuals and busiensses and pretty much know what it will take to get the job done.

I always ask my clients if they have a budget in mind. This will help me set expectations as to what we can do and when. Sometimes, a lump sum works best while other times we can set a timed schedule of work and payments that spreads things out for easy management.

I will estimate the time and resources I need to get the work done and will do my best to fit the essential work within that budget. If I underestimate the effort that it will take, that’s on me. My client will not be asked to pay anything additional unless the actual scope of the engagement changes and we both agree to make the change.

My goal is to be as flexible as possible and to provide great service for people who need and want my help. Remember, a lot of expense later can be saved when business matters are properly handled by a professional at the start.

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