Diana Laskaris Attorney and Counselor at Law

Diana Laskaris, Attorney and Counselor at Law

YOUR CONTRACTS LAWYER is a new service offered by me, Diana Laskaris, a licensed business transactions attorney, who has been serving clients large and small for more than 16 years. I have seen entrepreneurs, creative individuals, small businesses, nonprofits and startups search for basic legal consultation in an environment where the cost of traditional legal services has ballooned beyond affordability.

At the same time, I’ve had to help many clients address costly problems resulting from the use of flat-rate legal services that operate on a mass scale, pretending that one size fits all.

Many individuals and small businesses need affordable and predictable legal costs. And when it comes to reviewing legal documents for flaws, inconsistencies, unfavorable terms, errors, and options it is possible to do so.

That’s why I’ve created this service expressly designed for contract review and comment. It’s fast, affordable and provided by someone who actually cares about their work and about you.

I have built a career delivering fast, accurate and personalized service to legal clients over the years. My goal now is to provide both a personalized experience and tremendous value when it comes to reviewing and commenting on agreements of all types, something my private practice has been providing to individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500s alike.

Because time is money for everyone, I offer a fast and thorough review of your contracts for a predictable rate through a convenient online submission and return process. It’s easy, reliable and affordable. You can even pay by credit card.

Whether you have one contract you need reviewed or many, I’ll provide you with the same excellent and personal service. See the FAQ to learn exactly how it works.