Diana Laskaris "I grow businesses and the people who run them"

I’m Diana Laskaris, a licensed transactions attorney, strategist and business coach, serving clients large and small for more than 17 years. I have seen entrepreneurs, creative individuals, small businesses, companies experiencing growth or change, nonprofits and startups search for competent and reliable legal consultation in an environment where the cost of traditional legal services from law firms has ballooned beyond affordability. I’ve also seen new as well as experienced business owners make bad business decisions that could have been easily prevented with proper counsel, strategy and coaching.

At the same time, I’ve had to help many clients address costly problems resulting from the use of flat-rate legal services that operate on a mass scale, pretending that one size fits all. And, I’ve seen businesses that could have managed change, growth, or bumps in the road fail to thrive because they didn’t understand their options and  had no one to talk with about what they could or should do for their business.

Individuals and businesses alike need reasonable and predictable legal costs. And growing or changing businesses need sound advice that explains how legal decisions impact their business – and vice versa – without having to pay large fees to big law or management consulting firms or hire a full-time employee with all the associated costs.

That’s why I’ve been helping clients with project-based work for a predictable flat fee and serving as outside in-house counsel for a predetermined monthly retainer for most of my career. I also  offering services such as negotiation and research based on a defined scope and rate, so there’s no need to wonder what it will cost.  It is possible to  have someone with vast experience help you with your business matters, provide you with sound advice and counsel, and feel good about the value you receive.

I have built a career delivering fast, accurate and personalized service to clients of all sizes in many different industries over the years. My goal is to provide a personalized experience, knowledgeable insight and actionable value when it comes to legal counsel, strategic planning and business coaching, something my private practice has been providing to individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500s alike.

Whether you have a contract you need reviewed, an entire business strategy to create, or would like to have an attorney and business coach in your corner all the time, I’ll provide you with the same excellent, reliable and personal service. See the FAQ to learn exactly what I can do for you and your business.